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We make things simple and attainable because we believe that financial planning is for everyone.

We adopt new tools and technology, but most importantly, we put human connection at the heart of everything we do.

Your future, now.

Financial Review

We recognise that every client is different. Some have yet to begin any financial planning in earnest, while others use us to add finesse to their already well-developed plans. Most are somewhere in-between. Before we can advise our clients on which areas to consider first, we need to discover what has or hasn’t been done so far. Our clients aren’t naïve – we know that most financial planning ideas aren’t new to them – but they are busy people who often lack the time to devise, execute and maintain their own financial plan.


Expert Upfront Advice

At Lathe & Co, our job is to streamline things for you. We have the expertise to hone in on your priorities and to make challenging concepts seem simple. First, we listen to your plans and, if you want, we can suggest ways in which those plans could be improved.

Then we divide your proposal into digestible tasks that we take care of. Throughout the process, you are always in complete control of your financial plan; we just look after the details.


Ongoing Strategy

Our commitment to giving pragmatic, but insightful, advice to our clients never stops. Creating a financial plan is only the initial step of an effective wealth management strategy. Maintaining the plan is a much bigger task. This is where Lathe & Co’s advisers can really make a difference as to how your proposal unfolds in practice.

Your wealth, family and aspirations all evolve over time. What’s more, your financial strategy will need to respond to events such as changes in legislation, stock market volatility and geopolitical threats. With our review service, we draw on a combination of cutting-edge investment analytic software and human insight to make sure that your financial plan is still up to date and appropriate for your circumstances.


Affiliated Services

We see it as our responsibility to simplify your affairs, minimise your frustrations and reduce your admin so that you have more time to devote to other areas of your life. So we have created a unique system of partners, specifically picked by market-leading experts, to provide you with a range of convenient services that extend beyond our own core specialities.

As a result, Lathe & Co should be the first name that springs to mind when you are making any financial, legal, family or lifestyle plans. We encourage all of our clients to take advantage of our wider wealth services since this will allow us to understand you better and to provide even more closely tailored advice.

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We’re a nimble firm with real people who care about people. Our combined experiences led us to believe this industry could do better. So here we are.

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